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Our Services

Wealth Planning Associates specializes in retirement planning for individuals, small business owners and organizations looking to provide quality retirement planning services for their employees. We are consultants first and foremost. Our approach to working with clients is to get to know them prior to making any specific recommendations. The process involves gathering facts, analyzing those facts, making recommendations, implementing a strategy and most importantly reviewing the plan.

Our firm's planning philosophy centers around the belief that the key to a successful client/advisor relationship is in understanding who the client is. The road to financial success is filled with many distractions and roadblocks, however our expertise and careful attention to detail has helped our clients "feel good" about their financial road maps.

We strive to build strong client/advisor relationships via:

  • Client Education
  • Value Added Client Communications
  • Objective Client Centered Advice
  • Timely and Responsive Service of Client Requests
  • Active Engagement in the Relationship
  • Leading Technology to “Simplify” our Busy Lives